2015 objectives

2015 objectivesBy the end of 2014, i came to the realization that i put a lot of pressure on myself in trying to be perfect all the time: have the best grades, do all required homework, be the best employee at work, do all sorts of extracurricular activities; but also be the best friend, the best daughter, the best girlfriend. Sometimes, i impose myself things that others don’t ask, simply because i want to be the best. all. the. time. This year, i want to tell myself that it’s okay to relax, to take some “me” time, to not read that paper all the way through if it’s boring. And to accept that i can do anything, but not everything. So here it is: objective #1: stop trying to be perfect all the time. In spite of that, i do have other objectives, more in the action side of things and less in the state of mind i want to be in, like:

  • read more books
  • learn meditation
  • give blood
  • read stuff business related at least 1hr per week (my study field)
  • be more active
  • be creative.

It’s this last one that inspired me to start blogging. Let’s hope i can develop my creativity this year, through this media. Wish me luck and follow me on this adventure! And tell me, what are YOUR objectives for the new year?

With love, K.


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