How my Valentine’s Day ended up not being romantic but quite memorable

This is a slice of life that makes me reflect on the differences between the Canadian and the French culture. Or the similarities maybe. Anyway, let’s start this day when it began, in the morning. My boyfriend and i started the day with a very simple breakfast: bananas and nutella. But because it Vday, i did a heart because i’m cute (read: kitsch) like that. Valentine's day by Effervescent life by K Then, after some obligatory homework (life goes on) we ate ham & cheese crêpes (i love those), did more homework, and then we were off to dinner in a lovely small Korean restaurant in Paris called Maison Kongfuzi. There’s a website called La Fourchette where you can book online and there’s almost always a discount associated with the booking. In this case, we chose the “Valentine’s day dinner”, apparently worth 75€/person but only paid 45€/person, for 5 “mises en bouche”, entrée, main dish and 2 desserts (i don’t know why, but hey, who doesn’t like more dessert?). *Paris tips: book restaurants through La Fourchette So the meal was very good (not worth 75€ but definitely 45€). My boyfriend and i talk, drink wine, normal night. But then, another customer starts complaining about the food to the waiter, saying it’s not good, that the food isn’t fresh but frozen, and asks to see the kitchen. The waiter kindly offers another entrée but the guy is still complaining, very loud saying it’s disgusting. My boyfriend politely tells him to shut up (aka, excuse me, you’re not alone in here, quieter please?), to the joy of everyone in the room. The guy and his girlfriend then proceed to eat the main dish and drinking their bottle of wine. Calm again. And then, BAM, the guy wants to leave but doesn’t want to pay for that “disgusting” food, talks loudly again and CALLS THE POLICE. (I was chocked, seriously, the police ..?!). Valentine's day 2 by Effervescent life by K Well, long story short, the guy finally leaves after another boyfriend intervention. The waiter, who’s actually the boss, gives us a discount in exchange for writing a note to the police explaining what happened and that the restaurant didn’t do anything wrong, in case they really show up. The poor boyfriend felt bad about the non-romantic night, but i was just: “hey, i got to write a note to the police, this is awesome!” I’m weird like that. Valentine's day 3 by Effervescent life by K Anyway, the waiter mentioned to another customer at a moment “This is Paris” and i thought, it’s true Parisian are renowned for complaining a lot, but i don’t know, there are assholes everywhere right? What do you think? K


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