Travel: discovering France

The other weekend i went on a small road trip with my boyfriend and his brother to see their dad and stepsister in Rozier-en-Donzy. It’s a small village about one-hour drive from Lyon and a six-hour drive from Paris. I was really excited to discover the countryside of France! We left at 6am Saturday in the rain, and were surprised by snow around 9. Rozier-en-Donzy | Effervescent life by K At first, i was really happy (snow reminds me of Canada) but then i was a bit scared. Their cars aren’t built for snow, and people aren’t used to that, and were driving very slowly on the roads. But everything went fine, and we got to our destination safely. Rozier-en-Donzy 3 | Effervescent life by K The weekend was very simple, full of quality-family time. We ate good food and drank wine and walked a bit in the village. We also played basketball. All in all, it was a very fun, refreshing weekend that reminds me that spending time with your family is so important, and so valuable! Rozier-en-Donzy 2 |Effervescent life by K I really like a good road trip and was amazed by the variety of sights that we could see on the road. Here’s a mini video to show you a part of it!



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