Tough times

My grandmother died yesterday. I know she didn’t have a great life quality anymore, so i think she’s better where she’s now, but i still find it very difficult going through this being 6 000 km away from my family.

I want to be there for my mom.

I want to be there to say goodbye.

On January 3rd, my grandfather passed away, and i like to think it’s him who came to take her, 2 months after his own death, so they could be reunited.

I wrote a few words for them to say thank you one last time, something you don’t think of saying when the person is still there to hear it (I wrote it in French, because it felt more natural, but i did translate it below if you want to read it).

Pour Victoire & Jean-Louis,

Au cimetière, nous vous disons un dernier au revoir.
Aujourd’hui, j’aimerais vous dire un dernier merci.

Merci de nous avoir appris la valeur et l’importance de la famille.
Merci de nous avoir accueilli chez vous les bras grands ouverts, tous ces dimanches.
Finalement, merci de veiller sur nous de là-haut, afin que nous continuions à chérir notre famille, à se supporter les uns les autres, à s’accueillir, et à s’aimer.


To Victoire & Jean-Louis,

At the cemetery, we tell you a last Good Bye.
Today, i’d like to tell you a last Thank You.

Thank you for teaching us the value and the importance of family.
Thank you for welcoming us at your home every Sunday, with your arms wide open.
Finally, thank you for watching upon us from up there, so we can continue to cherish our family, to support each other, to welcome each other, and to love each other.


They both loved their family so much and welcomed everyone into their home and into their hearts. I hope my family stays close, welcoming, and loving.



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