Coffee date

Hi there!
If we were on a coffee date, we would talk about what life has been about recently…

About school:
In April, i graduated, so i have my bachelor in business, more specifically in the fields of marketing and entrepreneurship. In September, i started my MBA “Strategy and innovation”, which i really enjoy. For now, i am doing a semester in Paris, which is way less work than in Quebec, since i have classes a week per month! The semester will end at the end of June though, and then i still have a year left to do in Quebec. One thing i really enjoyed in the fall semester is my preparation for the John Molson MBA International Case Competition. I was lucky to be selected to be part of the Université Laval team, which i’m really proud of. The competition is about solving a real business problem in 3 hours in teams of 4, and presenting the solution to the judges in 25 minutes. There are 36 teams invited from all around the world, so it’s quite a big deal. My team was AMAZING, and we worked hard all semester to be as ready as possible for the competition in January. During the competition, we did good, ending up 5th after the first round, and going to the semi finals. We got beaten by a Singapour team, which won first place in the final round, so we’re not too disappointed, and overall very proud of our performance!

About traveling:
I spent the summer in Paris since my boyfriend lives here (in the suburbs). Work wasn’t easy to find, but after distributing like 50 resumes, i finally got a few interviews and was hired to work at GAP for a few weeks. I liked it a lot and people were very nice and friendly! At the end of the summer, my boyfriend and i went to Morocco for a week. We have a friend that was getting married, so we got to experience a true moroccan wedding! Let me tell you it was amazing! We only got to see Rabat tough, so i definitely want to go back for more visits one day. Now that i’m back to Paris for the semester, i want to visit France a little bit. On my list are Lyon and Bordeaux. We also went to Belgium for a few days last week (i’ll post about that soon!)

About life in general:
I’m finally living in an apartment with my boyfriend, which feels great. It’s nice to have my own place again.
I was good during the fall at working out frequently, but since i’m in Paris, i’m very lazy about that. I want to work on that.
I started this blog, which was a bit scary at first, but i like this way of expressing myself.
I started reading again since January, not a lot, but it’s still better than the last years!

Voilà, a quick round up of my life!

Hugs, K.


One thought on “Coffee date

  1. Tu es très inspirante K, c’est tellement bien de te lire et de te connaitre d’avantage! Je t’aime et je suis fière de toi! Xxx


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