What to do in Belgium: Brussels

What to do in Brussels Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and i went to Brussels for 3 days. Brussels is a pretty but very small city, especially compared to Paris. You can easily walk the whole city in a day, so no need for a bus pass or a taxi. Since we’ve already been for a weekend last year, we didn’t start by the most visited attraction, and went on our last day. If it’s your first time in Brussels, i’d suggest going to the Grand Place first!

Brussels | effervescent life by k

Day one:
We arrived in the afternoon, so we didn’t really have time to do lots of visiting on this day. We actually know a few people living there, so after lunch, our time was spent with friends.

friends in brussels | effervescent life by k

We went for a few drinks at a bar named Cirio, which i would recommend for the decor, and then we were off to dinner at our friends’ place.


Day two:
On the second day, we drove to Louvain-la-Neuve (about 30 min drive) to visit the Musée Hergé, a museum about Tintin’s creator.


Musée Hergé | effervescent life by k

The museum is quite new (it opened 5 years ago i think) and the installations are modern. Audio guides are free (and a necessary part of the tour). We really enjoyed it. You can learn about Hergé’s other works and it was very interesting, especially its advertising career. Who knew? The visit inspired me to start collecting all books (there’s only 24), so i bought the first one the day after. After this we went to eat lunch (don’t try to eat lunch at 3 in the afternoon in Brussels, everything is closed – we ended up eating Lebanese food, not very Belgian), and walked in Les Maroles and Les Sablons neighborhoods. In Les Maroles, there are lots of decor and antique shops, and Les Sablons is the chocolate makers part of town. We, of course, bought a few delicious chocolates to eat. I recommend Neuhaus, since Jean Neuhaus invented the pralines and these are just so good!

Quartier les maroles | effervescent life by k

Day three:
On wednesday, we walked again to Les Maroles, passing Porte de Hal, to go eat at a restaurant recommended by friends where they cook with beer: the Resto-Bières.

Porte de Hal | effervescent life by k

We ended up eating mussels, a belgian specialty. It was good!

Resto-bières | effervescent life by k

After the meal, we finally made our way to the Grand Place. Beautiful! (If it’s your first time, you have to check the Manneken Pis, but since we’ve already seen it, and it’s not THAT impressive, we skipped it this time).

grand place | effervescent life by k

grand place brussels | effervescent life by k

Right beside, there’s the chocolate museum.

musée du chocolat, demo | effervescent life by kmusée du chocolat | effervescent life by k

The museum in itself is very average i’d say, but there’s a demo made by a chocolate maker and you can taste different chocolates, so i’d recommend going since it’s not expensive at all (i think it’s 6€ or something, the quantity of chocolate you eat makes up for it)! The best thing was a chocolate fountain with speculoos cookies. DELICIOUS!

That’s about it, at night we visited another bar, but it has nothing special, it was just again to meet with friends.

Belgian specialties:
French fries
Be ready to EAT and DRINK good stuff !

Brussels' roofs | effervescent life by k

Have you ever been to Brussels? What would you recommend doing?
Remember, comments are always appreciated !

Next tuesday, i have a guest post about Brussel’s toilets! So funny, so don’t miss it !

Travel safe, K


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