2015 goals update

we are now 3 months in 2015 and i realize i haven’t really made much progress on my new year goals. it’s funny isn’t it? we decide that this year will be focused on this and that; and then we forget about it until new resolutions are made the next year. well, i don’t know about you, but that’s approximately how it goes for me.

but this year will be different, right? right! so i’m checking in so see what my year has looked like until now, and i’ll try to do better for the next month, when i’ll check in again. accountability. that’s how you improve i think.

first of all, my general resolution was to stop being perfect all the time and taking some well-deserved “me” time. i’ve done GREAT on this one. for the first time in my life, i have decided it was ok not to have a job while studying, even though i’d have plenty of time to have one. see, it’s the last time of my life i’ll be living in france, and i don’t want to spend it working. i was conflicted at first, but i’m feeling great now!

and about the specific objectives:
so, my first objective is probably the one i’ve made the best progress: read more books. for the last years, i haven’t really read anything non-study related, and it feels good. to be honest, my classes here in paris don’t require much reading, so it definitely helps! to see what i’ve been reading up until now, check out this post & this one.

objective 2 was starting meditation. hum.. not done yet! all i’ve done is research some good apps to help get me started, but i haven’t actually started! i’ll do that soon i hope!

another objective for the year is giving blood, which i’ll be able to do when i’m back in canada, so this is postponed until july!

next is read stuff business related at least 1hr per week. oh. i completely forgot about this one. i guess this would be important, to keep up to date with what’s happening. i need to get on board like, yesterday!

being more active is another objective. i was good at training regularly last year, except for december, and well, january and february … oops. but i’m now back on track since the beginning of march and it feels good! it is now fully incorporated into my routine. i go to classes at the gym about twice a week, do a few short jogs to get back into running or yoga at home. i use this goal tracker which helps me a lot stay motivated!

jogging with the bf | effervescent life by k
running with the boyfriend

finally, i wanted this year to be more creative. i’m feeling inspired by reading a lot of blogs and pinning everything everyday on pinterest, and i feel that writing on this blog a few days a week is a good start, so i’m good on this one.

well, i’d say it’s a work in progress. meaning that i have a lot of progress to do, haha. but i’m motivated to get better.

how are you doing with your 2015 resolution/objectives ?

x, K. .


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