What to do in Belgium: Bruges

What to do in Belgium, Bruges | Effervescent life by K

remember when i shared the first part of our trip to belgium a few weeks ago? well, it’s coming late, but after 3 days in brussels we decided to check out bruges, a beautiful and romantic city.
IMG_0725we arrived a bit early for lunch, but were hungry so we decided to eat right away. we walked a few streets and ended up in a very weird restaurant, but in a good way. called archi’s, the decor was… special; but the food delicious, though a bit expensive for our taste.
IMG_0566IMG_0576then we walked in the center of the city to check out what all the fuss was about. the architecture is simply gorgeous!


IMG_0618sadly, it was raining a little bit.

just around the center, you have the water canals that makes bruges called the venice of belgium. it is VERY pretty.IMG_0635IMG_0638

IMG_0651we decided to go on a boat tour to get around the city.

IMG_0652again, awesome views


by the end of the tour, it was raining, a lot! we decided to take shelter at the beer museum. after all, belgium is renowned for its beers!


the museum was interesting, and we ended it with a beer tasting, of course!


IMG_0719After, we ended the day with a waffle (of course), before hitting the road to go back to Paris!

Have you ever been to Bruges? What was your favorite part? 

Safe travels, K


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