hi there!

maybe you’ve seen this floating around the internet : the 100 day project.


basically, you commit to do something for the next 100 days, and share it on instagram. you can choose whatever you want: writing, cooking, painting, reading, etc!


i chose to do a 100 days of wise words. i have this thing with quotes; i love reading them again and again, so i’ll share my favorites for the next 3 months. you can follow on instagram on a daily basis, or on the blog, where i intend to do a weekly update. you can also check the #the100dayproject to see what others are up to!

i’m pretty convinced i can do this, because i did a similar challenge last summer: 100 happy days. each day for 100 days, i had to take a photo of something that made me happy. i cheated once (posted a picture taken a few days ago, oops); but succeeded the rest of the time [March 29th, 2014 to July 7th, 2014]. we’ll see how it goes this time!

who’s in with me ? what’s your favorite quote, so i can share it?

xo, K.


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