100 Days Of Wise Words #1-10

So i’ve talked about starting the #100DayProjectChallenge and sharing a quote everyday for 100 days. i either write it down on paper or do a cute montage using Canva (seriously so useful!)

i try to choose the quote at the end of the day to try to represent what has happened and i really like it. it makes me reflect on my day; the good and the bad.

Day 1:100DaysOfWiseWords -1Day 2:
100DaysOfWiseWords -2

Day 3:
100DaysOfWiseWords -3

Day 4:
100DaysOfWiseWords -4

Day 5:
100DaysOfWiseWords -5

Day 6:

Day 7:
100DaysOfWiseWords - 7

Day 8:
100DaysOfWiseWords -8

Day 9:
100DaysOfWiseWords -9

Day 10:
100DaysOfWiseWords - 10

So which one is your favorite? i can’t choose one!

xo, K.



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